This is my first album release as a producer – ‚Majorus Düx & The Organ·Orchestra‘, a ‚Double-EP‘ with all in all 2 x 11 instrumental-songs from the last years.
This package shows a wide colorful range of my musical engagement. The Orchestra consists of several Synthies, Keyboards, Combo- & Lo-Fi- Organs from the golden 70s. I orchestrated their sound and they mine. I definitely gave the drummer some, who illustrated my musical roots rhythmically…


The ‚KRIM‘ Beatstrumental EP was produced during the last 4 years in the KRIM, Cologne.
It’s some kind of hoodmusic, a streetalbum with 18 beats which are mirroring the raw sides of this past industrial urban district & it’s identity; KRIM – the so called ‚Cradle of the world-motorization‘.
The old ghost of this once pulsative industry-complex is still around and found a way to compensate his energy through the keys, wires & boards of The Organ·Orchestra…


The ‚Sternenzerstörer‘ – EP (german for ‚Star-Destroyer‘) is a collection of beats produced during the years 2008-2012.
The motto ‚Mach kaputt, was Dich kaputt macht‘ / ‚Destroy what destroys you‘ is based on a famous german Krautrock-song from the 69’s. And this is what it does – The Sternenzerstörer was send to destroy every rotten aspect of the old world to make room for the new age. Merciless drumplay on shredded high energetic soundscapes concentrates the powerful death-ray of the Sternenzerstörer. This is the end…


The ‚Nachtsicht‘ EP (german for ’nightvision‘) contains 16 songs from the last years. As the title already says – The focus is on nighttime moods; Aside from the fact that mostly every Majorus Duex – production is occured by night, this collection contains several concrete perceptions of the nighttime. It’s an ode to the night – It’s calmness, dignity and it’s expurgatorial clarity.
In the beginning there is light…


If I were born some decades earlier, this would be my best LP. Maybe anyway…
This is my dedication to the 60s & 70s music which had it’s eminently height in 1974, I think – Something is going on with this number. I’m very familiar with the certain sound of this year and of course, many of my favorite LP’s are from this year.
This LP shows all my musical influences from this time. It’s funky, soulful, jazzy and a bit psychadelic.
Let me take you back to ’74…


GOLD // ‚The Best Of The Sample-Years‘ represents my musical engagement between 2003 and 2015. It’s the essential of my sample-based production, following the establishment of the ‚RGB-Beattapes‘-archive.



THE MAGIC ORGAN is a collection of beats produced during the work for the first Majorus Duex – releases; The double-LP ‚Majorus Duex & The Organ·Orchestra‘ and the ‚KRIM‘ album.
It features a bunch of raw productions – Several beat-sketches or just tracks which didn’t fit on these longplays conceptionally. Most of them were formed by just playing around with the analog sounds of the Organ·Orchestra-instruments. The different combo- and lo-fi organs from the 70s gave this collection it’s warm, bumby and crackling sound. It’s magic! – Organ Magic.


RGB – Beattapes

This is a time-travel through the music catalog of MAJORUS DÜX in the years between 2003 and 2015.
Originally established as random Snippet-Beattapes for artists, the RGB-Beattapes became a massive archive with more than 6 hours of beats, sorted into 3 sub-categories – ROT, GELB & BLAU.
Step into the time-machine and pull the trigger for a journey into sound.


NMZS – Egotrip EP (produziert von Majorus Düx)

„Mit „Egotrip“ veröffentlicht NMZS nach „Trash“ (2007) und „Robopommes“ (2008) seine dritte Solo-EP im September 2011, also ein halbes Jahr nach „Motto Mobbing“. Das sieben Tracks umfassende Machwerk wurde komplett vom Kölner Orgelkönig Majorus Düx produziert. Statt wie sonst immer nur Unsinn zu reden, dreht sich hier alles um NMZS und dessen Wahrnehmung seiner Umgebung, All- und Ohnmachtsfantasien sowie den vielzitierten alltäglichen Struggle. Doch keine Angst, unterhaltsam ist es trotzdem, also schnell runterladen!“

Straight P – Aus einer anderen Welt (produziert von Majorus Düx)
auf dem Album ‚Straight P – D.O.G. / DEEP OHNE GRUND‘