Majorus Duex – S7EBEN

Majorus Düx – 1974

Majorus Düx – 1974, 02.08.2013

‚NMZS – Das ist meins (prod. by Majorus Duex)‘ on the latest ‚JUICE CD‚ #116


1984-2013 // Let there be peace, wherever you are…
NMZS – Lange Straße (feat. Danger Dan)

From the ‚NMZS Egotrip-EP‘ / 2011 (prod. Majorus Duex) >>>

The canadian website Hillydilly.com recommends the ‚Nachtsicht‘-EP
„The Jazzy hip-hop is not always best represented in Japan, it seems like Germany wants a piece of that pie because with this album from Majorus Duex, things are going to get a bit dicey. The beats are so crisp on this album that you might just want to eat your speakers. That cliche of music being your soundtrack for life can be used every now and then and in the case of Nachtsicht, this album is definitely worthy of being a soundtrack to your life…“ >hillydilly.com