Majorus Duex

Born 1981. I’m living & working in Cologne/Germany.
I learned to play guitar in my childhood. //Break// Started with rap in 2000…
Had a few gigs around cologne. After our small rap-crew was somehow dissatisfied with the choice of the offered beats, I started doing it myself in 2002. From this moment on I produced a bunch of soulful, mostly sample-based beats inspired by the golden-era of Hip Hop. Things changed, rap fell into background.
On my journey, I had the opportunity to discover many different musical directions. Therefore, and because of my father’s vinyl-collection, i found my love in the 70s livestyle and music. With the desire to make my music completely by myself / free, I bought -about 10 years after I had sold the former guitar- a new one, besides various organs (Schweineorgeln) and synthesizers from the 70s. Since then I’m composing mostly everything by my own, with help of my organ orchestra, downstairs, in my little lab at home.
A great step for me, a major for my passion. Today I’m loving to combine the best of both worlds; A touch of the golden 70s with bumps of a biggeddy-boom-bap. Enjoy.

Any questions or inquiries for music / beats / graphics please use the contact form or send an e-mail to majorusduex@googlemail.com